About us

Information Design Studio is a CC made up of a network of talented graphic designers, programmers, facilitators and electronic learning development specialists with extensive experience in next generation learning design and development, storyboarding, Avatars design, presentation design, Screen recordings, systems training solutions, interactive booklets design, as well as mobile and game design for educational purposes. Our business model is all about rapid development and thus we are very price competitive making traditionally expensive learning design solutions much more accessible. 


Game Based Avatar Learning Solutions

We specialise in creating unique game based eLearning experiences that will work on any LMS and mobile devices that are sure to engage all learners regardless of their learning styles.

Web Video & Mobile Development Solutions

We are able to build mobile friendly video rich websites that will engage audiences and get you those hits.

Next Gen Filming & Creative Solutions

We specialise in event photography and videography, we are able to film VR ready 360 degree photos and videos as well as provide cinematic drone filming solutions to your project.

Animation & Video Post Production

We specialise in rapid graphic design as well as motion graphic video solutions, including whiteboard videos, 2D and 3D Custom Avatars, Animated educational cartoons as well multimedia rich green screen solutions.

Our Clients

Here are some of the clients we have successfully served over the past 8 years.

What is E-Learning?

"E-learning can be defined as the implementation of technology within the context of learning and education. In the year 2000 the global e-learning industry was estimated to be over $48 billion according to conservative estimates. In a 2013 survey it was estimated that corporate training alone is a $200 billion industry of which eLearning represents $56.2 billion, and this is expected to grow to $107 billion by 2015 and beyond. According to IBM, eLearning can help companies boost productivity by 50%. And eLearning has been proven to increase knowledge retention by 25% to 60%."



  • Corporate Presentations 
  • Infographics & Posters
  • E-Mail & Social Media Design
  • Marketing Materials Design
  • Professional Photo Editing
  • Magazine Design



  • Websites & Mobile Sites
  • Scorm E-Learning Sites
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Text to Speech & Voice Over
  • PageFlip E-Books
  • Game Based Learning



  • Conferences & Events
  • Green Screen on Location
  • 4K Film & Post Production
  • 4K Drone Filming Solutions
  • Professional Voice Overs
  • DSLR & 360 VR Cameras



  • Motion Graphic Videos
  • 2D & 3D Talking Avatars
  • Custom Made Avatars
  • Animated 2D & 3D Cartoons
  • Whiteboard Doodle Videos
  • Animated Text and Motion

What are Avatars?

"It's a known fact that highly interactive and immersive eLearning courses are far more effective than those that are static or solely content-driven. It's true that the eLearning content is the star of the show. However, creating an eLearning experience that encourages learners to play a pivotal role in their own learning process is paramount, and one-dimensional eLearning courses simply are not enough. One way to boost the interactivity of any eLearning course is to integrate Avatars, which guide, narrate, assess, and engage online learners."

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